Biography and Awards

Hi. My name is Paula Negraes, a self-taught Canadian artist and writer, born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Since tender age, I always knew my calling to the arts, but never opened my ears enough to listen to it. Nevertheless, I enrolled in several art courses throughout my life including watercolour, pastels, drawing, botanical art and fashion design. I even considered a degree in Fine Arts in my young days, but that didn't happen either, and I took a great detour in my career delving into public policy and economics.

A few years ago, however, the calling became too loud to be ignored and I embarked into my artistic journey in my spare time. Averse to the boundaries imposed by realistic views of life, I found myself in the expression of abstract images, using soft hues and calming tones. I paint in a state of quietude of mind, and perceive colours in an intuitive, flowing way, with no rules, no discrimination or self-criticism.

Aside painting in canvas, paper and canvas paper, little I knew that the most creative project was still to come--in 2021, I started pairing my abstract paintings with poems that I wrote about my inner struggles with achieving a quiet and peaceful mind, and the combination of 92 paintings and poems formed a book, The Art of Quietude: Spring, which happened to be accolated for awards in the category of Inspirational, including First Place with the Writer’s Digest Self-publishing Awards and Finalist for the International Book Awards. Both awards gave me the edge I needed to continue trusting on my artistic talent, and to open my online store to share my creations.

I am happy you are here, browsing through the pages of my website without any formal goals in mind, but if you decide to purchase one of my products, I would be very grateful because this will bring me closer to my dream to reach my golden retirement years as a full-time artist. Until then, I spend my week days on my full time job and evenings and weekends in my art studio. 

Keep in touch as I would love to hear from you.


Paula Negraes